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  • iNPH - A Treatable Dementia?

    over a year ago

    The Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus webinar is intended to increase awareness and knowledge, giving information about the diagnosis and the treatment of the disease.
    01:21:22| 0
  • Is EVD Ventriculitis Preventable?

    over a year ago

    01:03:16| 3
  • Intra Cranial Pressure Video

    over a year ago

    How to monitor ICP with the ICP EXPRESS™ box and CODMAN® MICROSENSOR™ after a Trauma Brain Injury.
    00:19:00| 1
  • Anti-microbial Catheter Insertion Technique

    over a year ago

    How to insert a BACTISEAL® catheter.
    00:08:42| 0
  • CERTAS™ Animation

    over a year ago

    This is a 3D animation of how the Codman CERTAS™ Programmable Valve functions. The animation shows the inflated ventricles of a hydrocephalic patient and follows the CSF from inside the ventricles, through the ventricular catheter into the valve and out. We can see how reprogramming is done with the TMS system and how it alters the opening pressure of the CERTAS™ valve.

    00:02:12| 1